Registrations Open for the 2019 Nedbank Tour de Tuli

Biking for a Better Tomorrow

Registrations are officially open for the Nedbank Tour de Tuli – Africa’s ultimate mountain biking adventure through vast tracts of pristine and remote wilderness areas in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe. From 2 to 7 August 2018, the Tour will offer bikers access to unrivalled routes combined with superlative hospitality and stylish camping – all to raise funds for the non-profit Children in the Wilderness.  

Now in its 15th year, the Nedbank Tour de Tuli remains one of the most unique mountain bike events in the world, providing participants with the opportunity of riding ancient elephant migration paths and unmanicured single track in some of the most stunning and exclusive wilderness areas in the Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area (GMTCA). It is an amazing place to start new friendships or rekindle old ones, see incredible wildlife, meet authentic local communities and enjoy high levels of service from food to camping in style. Limited to just 350 participants, riders traverse terrain over four days in three countries, heading across informal border crossings, through prime wildlife territory and deep into community lands.

In addition to carefully planning the most exciting route for each year’s Tour, our focus is to deliver a truly high-end experience, complete with individual tents, hot showers and mouth-watering fresh meals served throughout the day, in extremely remote areas; all while leaving no trace on the environment. Most importantly, our main objective is to raise funds for Children in the Wilderness (CITW), with 100% of the profits going towards its sustainable environmental education programmes aimed at bridging the divide between communities and the wildlife areas they live next to”, said Tour Director, Nicola Harris.

The Route

This year’s route will once again traverse the Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area (GMTFCA) which includes Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Riding will be predominantly long ancient elephant trails, allowing participants the opportunity of experiencing wonderful scenery, cultural interaction and the opportunity of seeing wildlife. Each year the route is altered to ensure that the Tour remains exciting and continues to incorporate new areas that we can traverse.

The route scouting teams will be heading out at the end of May to finalise the 2019 route. We will release the details of the route 1 month prior to the Tour, keep a look out for our newsletter and on social media for these updates!

What we can tell you about the 2019 Route:

We will traverse three different countries; Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa, and two Parks: Northern Tuli Game Reserve and Mapungubwe National Park..Expect the unexpected; thick sand, rocky hills, the thicket of mopane bushveld, dotted baobabs and finally, be on the lookout for wildlife.

Important facts to remember!

The route is strenuous, therefore ample training and preparation is required.

Participants will be riding in hot temperatures, encountering technical areas and riding a fair number of kilometres each day.

Portage over some technical areas may be required.

Whilst we try to avoid too much sand, the reality is that sand is ultimately unavoidable given the nature of these areas and the season. These areas are hot, dry and possibly dusty.

With the thorns that one can encounter, it is a mandatory prerequisite, upon entry, that all bikes have tubeless conversion. Without this, the thorns may get the better of you.

All bikers interested in participating in this premium experience whilst creating unforgettable memories and changing lives at the same time, can now register on the Tour de Wilderness website.

Click here to watch a short video on the 2018 Tour.